Fried Mozzarella

Fried Mozzarella


First of all, the ingredients must be of the highest quality, especially the mozzarella, like the one from Mozzarella.lab. 

Better to use the mozzarella from the day before for it not to be too jucy or mozzarella nodone.

  • White bread loaf - 12 slices - 600 g
  • Mozzarella - 500 g 
  • Fine salt - to taste
  • Eggs - 5 large
  • Flour - 1 cup (300 g) 
  • Breadcrumbs - 2,5 cups (300 g)
  • Sunflower seed oil - 4,5 cups (1L)

 If you want to make a gourmet version, it is recommended to add anchovies, dried tomatoes, basil and black pepper inside.


(1) To prepare the fried mozzarella, start by cutting the buffalo mozzarella into 1 cm thick slices. Place them gradually on a tray lined with blotting paper (2) and cover with more blotting paper (3)

Press gently with your hands (4) to blot the mozzarella and remove excess water. If necessary, use paper towels until it is completely dry (5). At this point, go ahead and stuff the bread. Put the slices of bread on a cutting board (6),

Place the slices of mozzarella on top, so as to cover the entire surface, but without letting it stick out (7), salt (8) and cover each slice with another slice of bread (9)

Then press gently with your hands to pack it all together (10). Continue like this for all the other slices of bread, until you finish the mozzarella. Then trim the slices of stuffed bread using a knife, to remove the outer crust (11). At this point you can cut the mozzarella in the bread in two different ways. By cutting a cross (12) you will get 4 squares from each slice.

For a triangular cut you have to cut the bread first in half on the diagonal (13) and then in half on the other diagonal. This way you will get 4 triangles. Continue this way until all the pieces are finished (14). Now switch to the breading. Break the eggs into an oven dish and beat them with a whisk for a few minutes (15).

Then in two other baking dishes place the breadcrumbs in one and the sifted flour in the other. At this point dip each piece of stuffed bread first into the flour (16) and then using 2 forks into the egg (17), to coat them completely. Then set them on a plate for a few seconds (18), to remove the excess egg part.

and avoid lumps when you dip it in the breadcrumbs (19).Transfer to a cutting board and with the blade of a knife lightly press the edges and the surface in order to even out the breadcrumbs and make a more precise shape (20). If necessary, dip it in the breadcrumbs again and press again with the knife blade. Continue in this way for all the other pieces and transfer them gradually to a tray lined with baking paper (21). Then place in the fridge for about 30 minutes. 

After the breaded mozzarella has set , you can start with the second breading, first dip into the egg (22), then set in the saucer to remove the excess (23) and finally dip in the breadcrumbs (24)

As previously, then transfer the pieces of breaded mozzarella onto a cutting board and with the blade of a knife even out the breadcrumbs (25). Continue this way for all the others by placing them on a tray lined with baking paper (26). Store in the fridge to set for another 30 minutes. Pour the oil into a frying pan and bring it to a temperature of 340-350° F (170-180° C) maximum. Put in a few pieces at a time (27) and cook the fried mozzarellas for 1-2 minutes, turning them from time to time with a skimmer.

When they are well browned, drain them from the oil (28) and put them on a tray lined with absorbent paper to remove the excess oil (29). Fry the others and serve (30)


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