Tuna, grilled vegetable and stracciatella cheese panini

Tuna, grilled vegetable and stracciatella cheese panini

Tuna, grilled vegetable and stracciatella cheese panini will win you over at first sight, in a flourish of colors and fresh aromas: forget about those usual panini on the go and think big! Mini baguettes filled with grilled spring vegetables, tuna in oil, stracciatella cheese and an express parsley sauce that will add an aromatic touch to these tempting panini. 


  • Mini baguettes -
  • Red peppers - 300 g
  • Zucchini - 300 g
  • Stracciatella cheese - 1 cup (160 g)
  • Tuna in oil (filets) - 120 g
  • Extra virgin olive oil - 50 g
  • Parsley -15 g
  • Fine salt - to taste

You can replace the zucchini and peppers with seasonal vegetables, like long radicchio and endive in the winter, or sautéed asparagus, eggplant or tomatoes in warmer seasons!


To prepare tuna, grilled vegetable and stracciatella cheese panini, clean 1 and cut the pepper into strips of around 0.8-1 inches 2. Heat the grill and cook the peppers on both sides for around 8-10 minutes until soft but not too well done 3.

Place the pepper in a baking tray and season with oil and salt 4. Cut the zucchini into strips of around 0.2 inches 5. Cook the zucchini on the hot gill for around 5 minutes on both sides 6.

Season the zucchini with oil and salt in a bowl 7. Cover the baking tray with plastic wrap to keep the vegetables warm. Drain the tuna fillets and leave to one side. Place the parsley 9 and 1.8 oz of oil 9 in a tall glass.

Blend with an immersion mixer 10 into a smooth sauce 11. Cut the mini baguettes in half 12.

Heat a drizzle of oil in a pan and add the mini baguettes 13 14. When the baguettes are golden, remove from the heat and place them on a cutting board, ready for filling! Spread the stracciatella cheese 15.

Add the grilled vegetables 16 and the tuna 17. Finish with the green sauce 18 and serve the tuna, grilled vegetable and stracciatella cheese panini right away.


The source of the recipe: https://www.giallozafferano.com/